The Walk of Honor

The Walk of Honor was dedicated October 5, 2000. On the main marker reads the following inscription:

"The men and women whose names appear in the Walk of Honor are graduates of Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, the University of Southwestern Louisiana and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Their silent presence here is a testament of their belief in the value of higher education and a reminder of their timeless connection to their alma mater."

If you haven't already done so, we urge you to visit the Walk of Honor and find your brick next time you are on campus.


The Walk of Honor is a tremendous undertaking that began with one man's idea - 1987 Alumni Association President Kenneth A. Ardoin. It grew to be adopted by the Alumni Association, the University and the community. Its groundbreaking occurred in 1991. It was designed by Steve Oubre of Architects Southwest. Between 1987 and 2000 key Alumni leaders who helped the Walk progress were volunteers Jim Doyle and Robert Trahan. Only through the generous contributions of thousands of alumni, students and friends of the University was the Walk of Honor able to be brought current to the year 1999 during the University's Centennial Celebration (thereby achieving a primary Association goal).

The Walk of Honor lists about 80,000+ names of graduates, arranged alphabetically by class year. Every person who earned an academic degree is listed. The Walk of Honor lies beneath the covered walkways surrounding the quadrangle. The classes 1903 through 1988 lie under the primary covered archways that begin and end at Martin Hall. The Classes of 1989 and 1999 lie under covered walkways connecting Martin Hall/Foster Hall and Mouton Hall/Foster Hall. Beginning with the Class of 1991, the Walk continues into the quadrangle itself. It will eventually wind its way through campus as a permanent monument to individual commitment to education...a permanent record of achievement.

The class years 1903 through 1997 were funded strictly through donations and private sources. Beginning with the Class of 1998, the students assessed themselves a brick fee as part of their graduation requirements. This action secured the future of the Walk of Honor. Because students play such an important role in the future of the Walk of Honor, ideally the Association's intent is to have each class' bricks installed within the following calendar year.


1. Come by campus to view your brick on the Walk of Honor. Encourage others to do the same. Walk the length of it. Look for people you know, even read the names of those you do not. Get a sense of the many lives enriched by their time here. Feel free to etch bricks onto paper for yourself, friends or family.

 Download the Walk of Honor Map

2. Report any errors you may notice in the Walk to the Alumni Office (337) 482-0900. Records were not computerized until the 1990s, so all graduates names were typed into the brick engraver. While we hope for few mistakes, we realize that there may be some and we will attempt to correct all known errors.

 Report an error or problem with the Walk by e-mail.

3. While the future of the Walk of Honor is secured through the students, there are still costs involved with the project, principally, maintenance. For a contribution of $75 to the Walk of Honor fund, you'll receive a commemorative item created especially for your home of office - a framed artistic rendering of the Walk of Honor with a replica of your brick as it appears on the Walk. Simply complete the form below and mail it in to: UL Alumni Association - P.O. Box 40151 - Lafayette, LA 70504.

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